Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday - Inspired by the Theater Community in Newburyport

   I get so inspired by being in the Firehouse.  It is like a giant toy.  I imagine moving little parts and things around on the walls and on the big projector screen.  I wonder how I could create a giant scenario combining music and story, drama and visual art.  I've had these thoughts and feelings before and it all came rushing in again unexpectedly last night while sitting in the theater during the opening of 'The New Works' festival (Playwrite James McLindon was in the audience, directed by Sherry Bonder with Astrid Lorentzon, Ashley Risteen and Eliot Johnston)  Well Played!

   Later at the surprise reception (I hadn't known there would be wine and food after), staring at the blank bricks walls feeling a tangible longing to hang my new work up I realized the idea of submitting work for the Firehouse had returned full force. 
  While napping before driving to the show I was with my old friends from High School at a bar that overlayed my old neighborhood (Leawood Drive, New Castle, PA)  where my actor neighbor lived adjacently, Mrs. Nord  and my new neighborhood (Newbuyrport around the vicinity of the Firehouse).  I had to leave my friends quickly to enter the Firehouse and looked down at myself and I was wearing a full length red dress, the same one that another person was wearing who was on stage getting ready to read.  What?    I woke up from the nap feeling quite ready to entertain the idea of getting up on stage at some point.  Maybe I will venture into 'The Random Acts"  next November or audition for next year's "New Works  shorts?  Somethings to look forward to.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to Marc Clopton's written play "Alice in Wonder Glass"  premiering this Feb 11th at the Black Box Theater in the Tannery.  Dan Hanson has been making the lyrical and sculpted furniture for the event and they will be auctioned (time and place tba).

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