Wednesday, January 20, 2010

polite or Rude? Playing at the Port Taven.....

   I didn't realize how much I had payed attention to the common courtesy of waiting one's turn until I found myself sitting at the weekly Music Seisun at the Port Tavern in Newburyport.  Unlike some folks, I did not have the pleasure of growing up around this type of happening.  Eamon Coyne, a rare treasure from Ireland runs it every wednesday from 7 until 10 pm.  There is some element of waiting one's turn, ie:  when Eamon calls on you...but that happens only when the slew of players have stopped for 12 seconds to catch a breath or if it is a slower night (not as many players).   Rather, from what I can tell,  it is up to me to jump in when the last song (usually a run of three tunes each played three times in a row) has just ended.  There is no time really to think, just do it.  Gah!   hesitation can mean lost opportunity.

  It is not ever a 'slow' night as the seisun is known for it's rapid speed, both a thrill and inspiration.  I've been playing fiddle going on nine years now.  Some pieces like 'The Swallowtail Reel'  I knew to play fast.  Now I spend my early morning getting everything up to speed so I am not only correct in jumping in to the playing pot, but also not rude in playing poorly!

If you like Irish (scottish, english, celtic, cape breton) type of traditional tunes you may be overjoyed to be at Port Taven on State St. in Newburyport on a wednesday eve.  (with instrument or as listener -  beginners are always welcome to sit on the fringe!)

"Boston Terrier Island"

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