Friday, February 17, 2006

A Gentle Mess

I finished painting this two days ago. IT is called 'A Gentle Mess.' I am being very gentle with my mess of not being too mobile right now. Gladly I have friends that help me get up and move around, even poke and prod me.
There's a nice gentle horse slipper on the bottom right egging the two horses on the left (me, all of me and the parts missing) whist a wonderful gremlin type being is standing in the horse slipper seemingly offering a bouquet of sweets or the top of a tree, both or neither.

(he could be William coming over yesterday to do a wild and good healing session to move alot of stuff out).

This is a painting I did this past January and February. It is 24 by 34 inches. I stretched the canvas.

"What was going on?" you ask? dare i say, do i know even?

The mystery continues to unravel itself as i continue to heal an irritated sciatic nerve that has had me on my back for the last month and a half.

'irritated,' now THAT is a word. Why would my sciatic nerve be irritated? Maybe because I have felt cut off from myself in a very deep way- to distance myself from the pain and insanity of the world i live in and thus am a part of. The one redeeming event that keeps occurring is that I have the power to know what to do in each and every moment. And this knowing is what keeps me safe, sane and even joyful and happy. Where does this power come from? It comes from my Ra center, at the solar plexis. The place that unites my EirA and ManA (magnetic/sound/feminine and electric/light/masculine).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

art process (the)

Hi folks. Hi me. This is my first 'blog.' I have written many in my head and pursued writing nearly everyday for one year thinking - 'this is my first book!' I am considering that body of work a nice, big blog. I still may publish it (self publish on - the main reason i justified paying $6.50 per month, and have had hours of fun loading my artwork and making mugs of it).

Art Process - thankfully still going at it. creating, scheming, forming, playing, laying down colors.
Finding what works best for me, to get to the core and most expressive, free-flowing way of doing it. This is how i do it -

photograph things i like in no order -
the light
the colors
the composition
the humor
the nostalga of it all

compose a collage of elements that attract me (in the exact moment) - i have lots of material...the trick is to stay present. when i finish one piece THEN i get to start all over again.

print it out on my epson

color pencil some

cut and glue to canvas

paint - one color at a time according to my voice that sits near my right ear over my shoulder.

add beads, paste, gel in the moment.

look at it alot.

glaze it.