Monday, January 25, 2010


   I have a secret back-up blog entry on a card near my table.  I havn't used it yet but feel like I want to type it out.  Then I have other things I like to talk about, like how much I value twittering....

(my secret is a cherished list from a birthdaycard from all the animals that currently lived within arm's length of the kitchen in 1999)

(why I love twitter?  i find different artists who are tweeting and we keep eachother tweet sharp and focused on our work).

   My friend, Foxfire is leaving for Africa this week and is blogging about how many pairs of underwear she will pack (possibly one or maybe two)  link here.

   Who do I think I am!?   Seriously,  I am social media-ist.  An Artist grateful for an audience and kindling kinship of others that are here on the Planet.  I am an entertainer, entertaining first myself and then benefiting from the laughter or grins of others seeing my ridiculous antics -  like a parrot with fat legs and funny feet walking, or attempting to run across a floor.  I am like a Parrot -  who desire full inclusion into a social network, full acceptance.  Complete Love and trustworthiness going both ways.

picture "Red Fox"

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  1. Tobin, I'm so glad to connect with you both here on your blog, over on my blog and especially on twitter. I refer to twitter as my village square on line. I think of you as that awesome person who sets up next to me - keeping me company, making people laugh,and showing your great creations. I simply enjoy who you are and what you do.