Monday, January 18, 2010

Fluffy Monday

first thing in morning. throw open the window, take photo,   will post somewhere.  fades in....singing "This Love Will Carry" by Contemporary Scottish Musician, Dougie Maclean.

 I take my music as serious as my art.  holding both lightly as fluff in one hand and as heavy as gravity would allow in the other.  Singing and playing fiddle are like the blood for me.  keeps things moving freely.  My art-making is like my bones.  They build me up.  keep me here on earth.  both are so important. 

I have been writing from this window for some years now.  There is a book floating around on the internet that took 5 years from this window.  I still have the urge to write from here.  This is where I do my blogs.  I realized near the end of writing the book that what I was really doing was practicing blog writing.  For that is the style of writing the book takes.  A ridiculous and quite serious account of my life as a almost street person and basically a traveler, gypsy artist musician.  Notice that even tho i mention this book i am not saying where it can be purchased, typical response to my ambivalence of being read.  i think to date i have sold 12 copies.

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