Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday - resting while working

i know i said i would attempt to blog everyday but i am thinking every other day now..  i am not going to capitalize my 'i's'  because my sleeve will go into my paint if i move that way.  my recent canvas is sitting in front of my this, studio laptop.

i also am finding the joy of typing a draft in the  morn and not publishing until i have some kind of photograph to show for myself.  yesterday i took some photos of the baby tiger, canary hastening back into it's nest.  just like i did out of sheer exhaustion of pushing myself too hard re: paint and fiddle.

basically most capitol letters are out while i am typing in this manner.

i learned something valuable yesterday and this morning....(ice is falling off my roof right now)....the art of not working too hard.   that's right.  that's what i said.  i think it is un natural to work to the point of too much.  what is called for is a focus and refocusing of a particular goal, intended progress -----  not the overdoing.

i'm serious about this.

I think I finished the painting just now so now I can cAP.   

There are plenty of environmental pressures that seem to squeeze in on my cells sometimes propelling me towards a desperate enbarkment - a ridiculous journey even for my mind,  before I make a move.  The best way to deal with this while it is occurring is to either clean up something and through out old stuff, or take a nap.  


  1. Wow! awesome painting and commentary Tobin. I appreciate the reminder of not working too hard:) Now off to the studio... after some breakfast.

  2. THanks Terrill! how is painting going? watercolor?