Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Occurance Shifts to Invitation (a painting transforms while a person does)

A painting, a person, a neighbor who paints, the planet...everything is connected.  When I work as honest to the  point of almost being brutal with myself but not that, still kind and gentle even tho' feeling a bit bumped about - magic happens over time in the process of painting.  When my neighbor is painting and she changes for the better because of it, that makes it easier for me to change also. 

A painting, an oil...about a woman and a dog called "frequency gown"  started out being about the woman and the dog and their relationship.  Over time, after some technical difficulties (still being worked out but getting there)....they both turned.  They BOTH started looking out of the painting as an invitation to the viewer.  I didn't plan any of this.  I was just daddling along, doing my best to be present, listen to colors that i hear and see off the right side of my head.
Maybe it doesn't transfer as much as in person.  These are small thumbnails.  Yes, I know the one on the right is smiling more, that is not what I am talking about. lol.  And  yes, I know the person on the left looks way more extraterrestrial the the woman on the right.  Am I over-exaggerating?!
Maybe a trip to my studio is called for where it can be seen in person until moving out to an unknown yet to be determined destination.  Can you see why painting is a source of constant entertainment?

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