Sunday, February 07, 2010

do do do the Diorama

I think Diorama can also be spelled 'diarama' but it reminds too much of something that way.

The first Diorama I made was the first really magical 'artistic' happening that occurred in my life.  I didn't know what I was doing but I had a plan and ideas kept popping in my head - I was making my first and only Shoebox Diorama.  I was in 6th grade and my teacher, Mr. Daugherty instructed us to make one about a book we read.  I only really half listened to the instructions as what seemed like a common factor I carried with me through my school life, so I was pretty  much on my own in terms of what it was I was supposed to do.  Things came together in a most extraordinary way:  cotton balls, twigs,  everything I needed I found literally at my fingertips.  I got an A in the project for something I was entirely into.  (A first in school life experience, being 'entirely into it.')

I have been working on some now for quite a few years.  They are simple and meant to be added to (there is a small shelf behind the beaded wire balcony) with little artifacts.  I 'upcycle' cardboard, tape, plaster-fy, glue a print from one of my paintings and paint it.

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