Monday, January 04, 2010

my daily blog

i plan to do this everyday whether anyone notices or not. today, i put away some of my childish things and picked up my palatte once again.  it seems a couple times a year i play for hours and dream about being a jeweler and rarely do i get any real product out of it.  then i sit and ask myself 'what is the lesson here'?  today i got - the lesson is to go back to painting! lol.

AFter all these years (over 30)  it is ok to call myself a painter even tho, i always think i could be a better one and i've heard this said about painters.   That they sometimes think they could be so much better and also, i usually don't make as much money on my art as say a plumber or someone who makes an hourly rate. So...I think I can duck out of saying i really am a painter because of that.  And also, because I am a musician for real so can i be both?  of course silly bird.

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