Sunday, January 03, 2010

journal transferring transformation - how I do it.

I have been making my own journals in the last year, small enough to pop into my little carry around bag (small enought to forget too if I don't commit to using it )

They are a wee bit on the smallish side.  about 40 pages.  A lot gets put down in them and easy to forgot what I do actually jot down and to even see it in low lighting.  SO here is what I do, am in the process of doing right now

I enter things sequentially (instead of the way i used to do it by just opening it up where there was a place to write and jotting down a fiddle tune whilst looking in the dark at a Port Tavern session).

I am going through my last journal and pulling out the bits that need to be transferred into the new one:  things like  lists of jigs and reels I am working on, the names of the animals I plan to make into softies (small 6 inch stuffed wool handpainted things I make), Wall fluffers (new things I am making...same as softies only made with paper, both stuffed with wool)...and so on.

It's all very exciting.

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