Friday, February 17, 2006

This is a painting I did this past January and February. It is 24 by 34 inches. I stretched the canvas.

"What was going on?" you ask? dare i say, do i know even?

The mystery continues to unravel itself as i continue to heal an irritated sciatic nerve that has had me on my back for the last month and a half.

'irritated,' now THAT is a word. Why would my sciatic nerve be irritated? Maybe because I have felt cut off from myself in a very deep way- to distance myself from the pain and insanity of the world i live in and thus am a part of. The one redeeming event that keeps occurring is that I have the power to know what to do in each and every moment. And this knowing is what keeps me safe, sane and even joyful and happy. Where does this power come from? It comes from my Ra center, at the solar plexis. The place that unites my EirA and ManA (magnetic/sound/feminine and electric/light/masculine).

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