Thursday, February 16, 2006

art process (the)

Hi folks. Hi me. This is my first 'blog.' I have written many in my head and pursued writing nearly everyday for one year thinking - 'this is my first book!' I am considering that body of work a nice, big blog. I still may publish it (self publish on - the main reason i justified paying $6.50 per month, and have had hours of fun loading my artwork and making mugs of it).

Art Process - thankfully still going at it. creating, scheming, forming, playing, laying down colors.
Finding what works best for me, to get to the core and most expressive, free-flowing way of doing it. This is how i do it -

photograph things i like in no order -
the light
the colors
the composition
the humor
the nostalga of it all

compose a collage of elements that attract me (in the exact moment) - i have lots of material...the trick is to stay present. when i finish one piece THEN i get to start all over again.

print it out on my epson

color pencil some

cut and glue to canvas

paint - one color at a time according to my voice that sits near my right ear over my shoulder.

add beads, paste, gel in the moment.

look at it alot.

glaze it.

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