Monday, March 08, 2010

Where am I? I am.....

WoW.  How is it that sometimes I can feel like I've just made it out of a vice grip?  I just re-emerged from what felt like an overly stressful time - keeping my thoughts as clear as possible while watching in near horror at some of the thinking part of me was trying to do - out dated patterns for sure fighting to stay ingrained or in position.  Growth and Freedom can really be quite the challenge tho always worth it coming out the other side.  

As a painter and musician I get ample opportunities to try out the Trusting part of me.  It is good to find that I am always finding my way and I always AM IT.   Everything starts with that.  The ultimate place of power within.  That God/Source/whatever you want to call it   eternal spark of creation everything has.  The I AM IT place of power.

If you can name where I am with my bike I will give you one of my wooden blocks with an art print on it!

(the first person to name it gets it)


  1. It looks like you're on Water St., across from the Newburyport Art Association!

  2. Yay Re-maker you win!!!

    Is your address listed on your Etsy Site?