Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Zoey the Boston Terrier Might Call Soon ( I hope)

As online expert Chris Brogan says,'Blog about what you know and blog often' (paraphrase from his book called "Trust Agents").   Having just said this, I have no idea what I know the most about.  I do know that I like to make art with animals in the art and enjoy hearing stories about People and their animal friends.  I could talk endlessly with someone about their pet bird or dog mostly.  (fish, not as much.  And cats, as I do love them - something about their stories don't capture me quite as much as a story about a small dog).

I am waiting on a call about a new Boston Terrier named Zoey that might be coming to live with me and Rosie.

Forecast for today:  mostly blue skies, lots of love coming from within - Look for it.

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  1. just an update... Zoey did call and it didn't work out to move in together. What a sweet boston terrier tho. Always nice to meet another boston terrier.

    e tob eckian